Where We Are Going Today: Scitech

Fri, 2018-11-30 22:35

If you are curious about science, technology and how things
work, Alkhobar is sure to spark your imagination. On the city’s
Corniche Road you can find the Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Science and
Technology Center, also called Scitech, where you can learn all
about science and the universe.
It is the perfect destination for a family trip, as all ages can
enjoy interactive exhibits that make the learning experience more
interesting — and fun.
The center has seven main halls containing 350 science and
technology exhibits. Many of them feature demonstrations or give
visitors the chance to perform experiments that help provide a
better understanding of the subjects; for example, one exhibit
devoted to the science of earthquakes includes a room in which you
can stand while it shakes in the same way it would during an
Scitech is a great example of education at its finest. It includes
an IMAX theater in which documentaries about animals and astronomy
are screened, an aquarium and an astronomical observatory where
visitors can earn about the universe.
Often described as the perfect place to take tech-savvy children
who are interested in science and Arabian history and culture, the
center is a unique venue and is definitely worth a visit.

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Where We Are Going Today: Scitech