Startup of the Week: Global Think Group – Bridging the information gap

Noor Nugali
Mon, 2018-12-03 22:30

RIYADH: With the dawn of the age of information technology, many
aspects of human life have turned upside down. From work culture to
personal life, everything has undergone a rapid transformation.
In such a situation, the importance of research and statistics has
increased manifold. In order to cope with the challenges of
today’s world, different organizations have emerged around the
globe. They are focused on gathering data and information and
analysis of those statistics to gauge public views and to
understand popular choices. On the basis of their findings, they
help the public and private sectors make informed decisions.
The announcement of Vision 2030 has put Saudi Arabia on the fast
track to progress thus creating the need for specialized research
and communications firms.
Global Think Group is one such company founded with the sole
purpose of catering to the needs of the Kingdom.
It was launched two months ago by Andrianna Dafnis and Marco
Binenti. The duo has extensive experience of working in the Saudi
market. Prior to the launch of their own company, they were
associated with a Riyadh-based research and publishing company.
Dafnis is a communication specialist while Marco is an economist
with a large network of contacts and access to useful data
resources. It is a perfect combination needed to fulfill various
information requirements of the private and public sectors.
Keeping in view the rapid pace of development in Saudi Arabia, they
launched their company to utilize their skills in an effective
“Saudi Arabia is moving so fast right now and it is so difficult
to keep up (with the pace),” said Dafnis.
The partners said they used to receive offers for freelance jobs
due to their contacts and resources but their official commitments
prevented them from accepting those assignments.
Due to the huge demand for their skills, they thought of launching
their own business.
“We are trying to bridge the gap between economic research in
Saudi Arabia and the business sector,” said Binenti.
They are focused on the Saudi market and planning to hire local
talent for their fast-expanding business.
“We are building our capacity. Our dream, which makes us
different from other companies, is that we are focused on Saudi
Arabia. We opened up a corporate entity here in Riyadh. We don’t
have any branch in America, or Dubai. Everything is here. And we
want to expand from here. We don’t want to expand from New York
to Saudi Arabia. We want to expand from Riyadh to New York,” said
“We are counting a lot on Saudi talent, on finding it and making
it grow with us in our company.”
Through their company, they have helped build many bridges
internationally and locally such as helping their client Maven
Marketing to bring Ronaldinho to Saudi Arabia for Misk Global
The Global Think group has many clients from the government and
private sectors and the list is growing.

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Startup of the Week: Global Think Group – Bridging the information gap