Alphabet's 'Verily' Plans to Use Tech To Fight The Opioid Crisis

“Verily, Alphabet’s life science division, is building a
tech-focused rehab campus in Dayton, Ohio to combat the opioid
crisis,” reports CNBC. Verily will join two health networks,
Kettering Health Network and Premier Health, to create a nonprofit
named OneFifteen. Alexandria Real Estate Equities will design and
develop the campus, which will offer both inpatient and outpatient
services. There is no single solution to treating substance abuse,
with strategies spanning from intensive rehabilitation programs to
drop-in meetings. Verily hopes to get a better understanding of
what works and what doesn’t work in helping people get and stay
sober…. Initially, Verily will focus on understanding what works
in the clinic and then track patient behavior when they get out to
see what sticks, Danielle Schlosser, senior clinical scientist of
behavioral health at Verily, said in an interview. Verily will use
a “variety of means” to track what works, she said, adding that
patients would have to consent to being monitored… OneFifteen CEO
Marti Taylor said “Because we will have facilities, an entire
ecosystem and data, we’ll be able to take a more holistic
understanding of a person’s health both inside and outside as we
follow them long-term.” Verily’s blog points out that Americans
under 50 years old are more likely to die from unintentional
overdoses than any other cause, and that two-thirds of those deaths
involve an opioid. “In the face of one of the greatest public
health crises the U.S. has seen, we feel compelled to act,” they
write, saying their company is “focused on making health
information useful so people can live healthier lives.” Their blog
says their team recognized “the absence of high quality information
to guide individuals, communities, and legislators” for picking
effective recovery treatements. “Leaning into our capabilities of
building health platforms, we are setting out to create a ‘learning
health system’ that aims to address this critical information gap
in addiction medicine.”

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Alphabet's 'Verily' Plans to Use Tech To Fight The Opioid Crisis